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Wagstaff Design Studio
space planning:
Wagstaff Design Studio

Dods Group Plc (Huveaux) wanted to relocate their headquarters closer to central London. They initially asked Wagstaff to survey and space plan potential buildings in the area. Once Dods had finally found the right location in Westminster, Wagstaff was again invited to create and present interior design solutions for their new office space. This incorporated breakouts, toilets and a new reception area.

The Wagstaff Solution

We demolish the old partitions to open up the existing office area. Wagstaff then installed glass partitioning for the new meeting suites to provide an elegant and seamless look and feel, which still fell in line with the open plan layout. New daylight lighting, carpets, feature wall finishes was introduced to create a fresh and contemporary look. New furniture was installed ‘Vepa’ workstations and ‘IS’ task chairs to complement the new working environment using various fabrics to bring the design together. The main challenge was the time and budget. We overcame this by having a close working relationship with the client, working to a strict timescale and project programme.